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We have prepared the lists of most popular keywords, names and websites that can be mistyped. Check them out!

World Cities

Here you can find a list of more than 40 thousands cities from all around the world, ordered by population.

Explore the list of 41,001 entries

Canada Cities

This list contains biggest cities of Canada (ordered by population).

Explore the list of 1,738 entries

U.S. Counties

This is the list of all USA counties (ordered by population).

Explore the list of 3,142 entries

U.S. cities

This list contains biggest cities of United States of America (ordered by population).

Explore the list of 28,338 entries

US Zip Codes

This is the list of all USA zip codes (ordered by population).

Explore the list of 33,121 entries

HTML color names

This is a list of color names you can use in your HTML or CSS code. All modern browsers supports them.

Explore the list of 148 entries

Alexa Top Million Websites

Since it's launch in 1996, Alexa had a popular toolbar addon for web browsers. By using the data collected by the toolbar, Alexa developed a list of top websites and made it available to the public. We have downloaded this list and installed it into our system. The higher rank means that a website is more popular.

Explore the list of 752,636 entries

Cisco Umbrella List

The Cisco Umbrella is a unique list of one million most popular websites in the world. Unlike other lists of popular websites, it is based on the most popular DNS queries. Sounds geeky? Let us explain :) Every time you type in any website address, your browser makes a request behind the scenes to get actual IP address of the website. Cisco counts these requests and ranks top million domain names according to them. It is believed that Cisco Umbrella rank is more accurate than Alexa rank, because it counts not only HTTP requests made from users with specific browser addons, but all DNS queries originating from the device.

Explore the list of 1,000,000 entries

The Majestic Million List

Majestic is a company that crawls the web since 2004 and publishes a daily list of one million websites, that have the most backlinks to them (other refering websites). The websites in this list are ranked using similar methodology that is used by search engines (like Google or Bing), so you can roughly evaluate domain's strength of SEO positions comparing to others.

Explore the list of 1,000,000 entries

Quantcast List

Quantcast gathers data from various Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Toolbar Providers and compiles this data into the list of the most popular websites. Roughly speaking, it aims to provide the most popular websites in the United States. The list is updated on monthly bases.

Explore the list of 465,089 entries

Mistyped.one is a totally free tool that generates list of Typographical errors of a given word. It can be useful in many ways, for example, website owners can generate the list of their mistyped domain name, register the most relevant domains and avoid Typosquatting. Also it can be useful for SEO specialists or online marketers, to generate a list of keywords with lower search volume or lower competition keywords. Optimizing your website or your ad campaign with misspelled words has the potential not only of growing revenue and sales but it also can lower your costs. If you have any ideas how to improve this tool, feel free to contact us.

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